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11-30-2010, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingme00 View Post
By uncharacteristic, I'm assuming you mean obstruction/interference type penalties... bascially 'lazy' penalties? I do agree that in the preseason he did, but once the season started, he took 1 tripping minor, 1 HS minor and 1 roughing minor.

If I recall that tripping penalty he took vs Vancover, he was defending a player coming down the boards and the guy chipped it into the LA zone. You could see Doughty wanted to go for the hip check, but hesitated and it got to a point where the player didnt have the puck for a good 2-3 seconds. Any hit now would've been interference , but by the time that decision was made, the guy had already gotten around Doughty so he reached out with his stick.

Now, that was probably too many words for something insignificant, but to me it demonstrates a player making a poor decision based on wanting to throw the big hit versus being out of shape.

Also, I don't see how trying to beat players one-on-one demonstrates a lack of fitness. He's been doing those failed rushes going back to his junior days. Any Guelph fan will tell you, for every spectacular end to end rush he scored on, there were 10 failed attempts.

Lastly, how does someone lacking in fitness log 23-29 minutes per game? It's not like he's looks gassed at the end of the games recently. He's looks sluggish right from the start....
So you're saying that Doughty played poorly in the preseason, then had five good games with Mitchell, then the concussion, and has been back to playing poorly since? So our evidence that he's NOT out of shape is that five good games when he played with Mitchell? It looks to me like those five games are the aberration that needs to be explained (Mitchell?).

Look, I'm happy to admit that I can't KNOW if he's out of shape or not. I can't skate with him or run physical tests or anything, so it's all speculation. Still, I stand by my statement that he looks slower than last year.

But I've also stressed in this thread and others that I think his head isn't in the game consistently. His decision-making is clearly a notch lower, evidenced by the incident you cited above when he went for a big hit instead of making a safe defensive play. There are also the attempts to beat guys one-on-one at inopportune moments. For the record, I have no problem with him rushing the puck or trying to make moves on guys. When he's on his game, he's an aggressive player and that's part of what makes him good. I just question the timing or situations where it happens. He's been coughing up the puck at bad moments much more than in the past.

So, perhaps he's not of shape, just unfocused. I'll buy the theory that his lack of focus makes it appear that he's slower because his positioning is off.

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