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11-30-2010, 03:23 PM
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Oh and people who are bagging on our 20 year old generational talented D should remember that the kid has been playing above his head and was one of the runner ups for the Norris trophy. If he is struggling there is a reason behind it that has nothing to do with effort. When the chips are down is when our team and its players need their fans the most.

Game changers. How many times have we heard a player of a pro sports team talk about how important the fans were to their winning? Well they aren't talking about people cheering them when they are blowing out the other team, they are talking about the people who bought tickets and cheered for the team when they were facing adversity. They are talking about the people who used their voices to help raise the spirits of the team. They are talking about playing with the knowledge that the town that they are playing for is right there behind them cheering them on regardless.

Of course its frustrating for us but do you think its any less frustrating for them? We expect their best effort while we aren't giving ours all of the time and I understand as much as anyone else how much effort has been put into being a fan of this team through the decades and appreciate that we all need to vent at times but I just think that its when times get tough and our team is struggling that they need to hear that their fans are behind them and believe that they will turn things around.

If you want to vent DL is an easy man to find during the day for those of you who live in Los Angeles. You can simply seek him out at the Toyota Center or swing by Staples and if you can't do that he has an email addy and if that doesn't work for you he has a phone number. Maybe you won't actually reach him but if you think that we are struggling and need to do something to address an obvious and glaring need then let him know.

Taking it out on DD is not only misguided in my opinion, its counter productive.

I don't mean to offend anyone so if I do I absolutely apologize.

My opinion is that we have a team that is a winger away from being a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup and not just for one season, but for several and that while I don't see our current coaching staff to be the ones to lead our team there and that our GM needs to get busy and bust open the wallet to fill a specific need that we have I still believe that we are closer then we have really ever been save one year of 99's reign to winning the cup.

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