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11-30-2010, 03:37 PM
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Conceding the point that Pronger most likely was trying to mess with Kipper on this play (though the two second hand raise hardly could have done that much), my question is what happens in the next game when Pronger, or any other player now is in front of the net and tries to direct the play? If this call is used as precedent, you can't do that because raising your arm up for a moment is USC and you either have to ban the raising of the arm all together or have the ref interpret whether or not he is directing the play or being unsportsmanlike, the latter of which will lead to incredibly inconsistent calls, and the former is a ridiculous interpretation of the rule. That was a Busch League call and people defending it don't seem to understand the implications (or potential implications) by doing so.

Also that Crosby play is a joke. There was a thread on the Pens board earlier (which I'm sure is still there) talking about how that is the right call, i.e. Callahan getting 2 and Crosby getting nothing. This league is really getting silly with a lot of its calls, non-calls, suspensions, and non-suspensions. There has to be some consistency. If you want to make calls all one way, do it. But don't do it sometimes and not others. Same thing with suspensions. If head shots are illegal, fine. Then suspend everyone. And so forth, and so on.

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