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11-30-2010, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by MALKINOCALYPSE View Post
Complain about preferential treatment when it goes against you but when the Yankees get it I bet you're singing a different tune then.

If OV does this same exact play then it's his passion to get through the zone to the net, if it's Avery then it's just Avery being Avery. Honestly though I don't care what the haters think. I enjoy reading all their hate and trolling. Makes me laugh.

Also semi off topic but I hate Dubinsky's face. Simply just hate his face. Even if he was a Penguin I'd hate his face. Just look at it, how can you not hate that face?
Avery gets the opposite of preferential treatment. He sometimes gets called for skating while being Sean Avery. That being said, he's a dirty player. NYR fans don't deny that. Some try to justify it by either saying he's righting the wrongs of the refs in other situations (slewfoot crosby?), or just trying to fire up the team, but that doesn't change the fact he's a dirty player. Of course you're going to like it when the dirty play is going your way, that's irrelevant to this topic. I know isles fans that liked or at least got a little enjoyment from seeing chris simon try to knock out hollweg with his stick. So what? A dirty play is a dirty play, and a fan liking a dirty play by his team doesn't change the play any. Part of being a fan is being biased towards your team, otherwise you're not a fan...

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