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There's actually two different arguments going on over two different subjects.

The "Myth" as it were, mostly has to do with people associating this rule with the actual Entry Draft.
To which most are ignorant to the fact that the Draft wasn't implemented in it's current form until the late 60's.
The reality is, as has already been pointed out, that it was only actually applied for a few years at the beginning of the Entry Draft.
Years, I might add, had very little to choose from, as all the talent was already signed under the previous system anyway.
Previous to the actual forming of the Entry Draft, this "Rule" was basically the equivalent of having the first 2 picks in the waiver draft.

As for territorial rights, that's a separate argument and a complicated subject.
However...the point should be made that the Habs didn't necessarily have the automatic rights to players in Quebec.
They pretty much just simply signed any french player that showed even a moderate amount of talent, all at very young ages.
There are many stories of french players starting to light it up at age 16-17 and the like.
Scouts getting word of them would then head up to see said players only to find out the Habs had already signed them 2 years previous before said players had even displayed such talent.

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