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11-30-2010, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
My god, can you be more wrong?

Yes, Gomez, still moves the puck very well, from d zone to neutral zone, he's a king... just like that speedy russian.. oh yeah, Afinogenov. Very fast, can travel the puck like lightning but as soon as he enters the offensive zone, nothing happens because both of them skates on the perimeter and does not challenge the defenseman. So big deal here. I rather have a guy that contributes on the score sheets than a guy making 8M$ that skates well.

Koivu, Kovalev, Plekanec were good at entering the offensive zone when they was with us too and they would at least create something after that, unlike Gomez.

So you don't mind Gomez resting all season long, and watch his teammates battle every night for a playoffs spot, even if he makes 8M$? Talk about a stupid mentality. You know, to make the playoffs, you have to play 82 regulations games and win enough games to make it to the playoffs. After 24 games this season, Gomez has yet had 2 really good games in a row. That's pathetic.
Uhhh no. The last years of Koivu and Kovalev the Canadiens were the purest dump and chase team in the NHL, that's ALL they did. Why do you think they had so much trouble scoring 5on5 and played better on a powerplay.

Gomez isn't "resting all season long", to say that he doesn't contribute to this team's success is pure lunacy. You simpletons are blinded by his contract when it's clear as day that no one would have a problem with him if he was earning slightly less money. At most, Gomez is 2-3 Million dollars overpaid, there is no way that a player of his caliber is earning less than ~5 million a year. More importantly, his teammates back him up. The whole team supports Gomez, and two of our star players signed here because of him. If he was a cancer in the dressing room I'd agree with everyone, but he isn't. Yeah, he should be playing better, but the situation is far from tragic and he's been a key player in many of our tough wins.

And if despite all that he performs well in the playoffs when it REALLY matters, I can live with him

You guys are ridiculous, it's like Chelsea fans mad at Ancelotti and asking him to be fired despite the team being at the top of the premiere league and doing well in the Champions League.....

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