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12-01-2010, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by sprevost View Post
So....this is the last time I will mention this, because I have mentioned it before and it basically went without comment.

Can we please put another offensive forward on the second line? Am I mildly retarded to ask this? Take Moen (who is way over his head in that role) and just insert Pouliot for the love of God. I think a certain Mr. Cammalleri would greatly appreciate another smart player on his line.

It's actually kind of weird, I have been listening and watching all kinds of so called " hockey experts" comment on the second line and everyone wants to talk about Gomez this and Cammy that and how they aren't producing etc....

Now I am not saying that they are not producing because of Moen, because I am sure if you asked Moen, he would probably tell you himself that he has no business on the line. All I am saying is why on earth can we not simply just throw Pouliot with those guys for a few games?

Anyways, I'm kinda tired of watching Moen try to be a scoring's not meant to be. Pouliot is a big body, he's been playing good defensively this year and he has been doing some good work in the corners as well. Not to mention that Pouliot also causes quite a bit of turnovers in the offensive zone (more than Moen anyways) and he is a better skater than Moen...anyways I think this is all pretty obvious, except to the coaching staff apparently.

Someone please tell I missing something here? and please do not refer to the fact that "they tried Pouliot on the 2nd and it did not work" balony...cause that did not last very long and many things have changed since then.

Please! JM...wake up. Just give it a try, if it doesn't help fine...nothing lost in the attempt.

I'd disagree, except that Martin has already broken up the Pouliot/Halpern/Darche line where Pouls was producing.

My gut reaction from watching the early season is that Pouls isn't ready for 2nd line duty. He's got the skills but on a line that has pressure to produce I think he second guesses himself too much, gets too tight on the stick etc.

But maybe "deblocking" on the bottom 6 will have changed that. I wouldn't be unhappy to see our top 6 back to the original beginning of season lines. Although it does leave the bottom 6 without a legit shooter.

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