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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
For once I agree with you.

This is going to be another point of emphasis on the made board VERY soon, I guarantee it. There's going to be more people calling out "hand screening" just because guys are putting their sticks and arms up to deflect shots toward the net or motioning to the boards to direct traffic, regardless of whether or not Pronger was doing that or not.

The NHL opened up a Pandora's Box, and it's not going to stop here. How much screening is allowed? At what point does it crosses that line?

Knowing the NHL's fickle strategy and discretionary officiating tactics, this is only going to be a significant complaint by NHL fans moving forward.

I would pity the NHL for having to deal with another problem, but yet again, it's a problem they brought upon themselves.

Officials can't even get some calls right when it's defined for them. Now you're adding the element of discretion to it? Nothing good can come of this.
Players put their sticks up in the vision of the keeper all the time, if Pronger had his hand on the stick and blocked his vision would that be illegal??? As you said, where does it end, and at the same time the refs are now going to have to know the intent of the offender as well. With Avery it was clear cut, and thus the reason for the addendum.

Now if Pronger takes his glove, holds it out and the goalie moves to a lower position and his glove follows him, and the goalie moves again and the glove mimicks his movement it would be a cause for making the call. This was one moment, one action which is no different than his moving his entire body in that direction.

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