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12-01-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by JagerPuck View Post
Case and point:

This play really shows how much the NHL Officiating body is out to glorify players rather than protect the sanctity of the game, and for that matter, their safety.
What is Callahan had gotten a concussion from his head getting slammed on the ice?
If the NHL wanted to make an example of dirty hits to the head and slewfooting it should be Crosby sucker punching Boris Valabik a few years ago, for which he was not disciplined at all.
And hes still at it, as we can see.
What a ****ing load of ****.
As much as I want to see the rangers loss every game, that call of interference is BS! What was he doing interfering with Crosby's slewfoot? The call was blatantly siding with the pengs craybaby.

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