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12-01-2010, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Homer is generally a great evaluator of talent. That's why he'll never be a dreg of the league GM that we all love to make fun of.

However, to suggest that he doesn't have the striking ability to mitigate his great moves by doing absolutely mind-numbingly stupid things is just wrong.

The opportunity costs of many of his moves have been very high. This team doesn't have a proven goalie because he can't manage the salary cap and draft picks. Yes, Bob is awesome and I hope that he's our franchise goalie. But he's also a rookie and if he gets burned out at the end of the year we'll be bounced in the first round.

This is the same guy that has shackled himself to Leighton and Boosh for two years. He got **** lucky with Bob but can you imagine this team if he had to start Boosh every game so far? Or if he had to trade one of his few (tradeable) players for a goaltender?

Even supporters of Holmgren have to recognize that he's walked a very fine line these past few seasons. It's worked out so far but he puts himself in a position where the stars really have to align for success. Relying on a backup goalie to stop the last shot in a shootout in the last game of the season is nothing to be proud of. Relying on an undrafted free agent to save the season is not something to be proud of.
Points well taken. But there is a trend among some organizations to not earmark large sums of Cap space to goalies. The Flyers have been one that spend their money and Cap in other positions.

Unless you get a Franchise goalie such as Brodeur or Roy goalies do not carry a team to heights for extended periods of time... And long term lock ups of contracts often are regrettable actions.

It is often best to develop a goalie in-house, or revive one... both are affordable and allows Cap space to be spread among other positions.

And I would not say that Bob was a stroke of dumb luck as he was found and signed by Homer's charges... I understand that he was on at least one scouts radar before, and when they rediscovered him they knew that he was possibly the real deal and quietly got him wrapped up. Finding and signing Bobrovski is every bit a monumental thing as other GMs getting other outstanding goalies.

As for fine lines... GMs don't survive very long placing their hope on luck and a balancing act. Homer is not relying on an undrafted FA, as he was looking on him as the future and relying on Leighton and Boosh until injury opened the door for Bob... And who is to say that the two old boys couldn't have again handled the choirs in front of this stacked team with such depth at D?

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