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10-07-2003, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by NYVanfan
Coaching -- I'm a big Crow fan; despite the odd story of his high-pitched wailing driving guys batty, he gets the results, and there's no denying that his approach lends itself to the most exciting brand of hockey. I wouldn't be surprised to see a more defensive dimension to the Canucks game this year though -- not just due to the improvements you point out in the D corps -- but given the overal way the league is going with the success of tedious teams like Minny & Anaheim. I expect to see a more Detroit-like game -- with all out attacking when needed (and most of the time, in fact), BUT a sound defensive game if & when they need to call on it. I'm still a little leery of the assistant coaches ... do we need a better D & sp. teams coach? Is McIlhargy good? Dunno. Should also mention Burke here; and I think he's the best GM the Canucks have ever had -- the right mix of shrewd & stubborn (but not too stubborn like Quinn...)

Intangibles -- this is the one area you touched on, but I think needs elaborating on....esp. team maturity. Arguably the #1 reason the Canucks let Minny get the better of them in that horriffic 3 games in 4 days is lack of maturity and poise -- they got thrown off their game. One could also argue that in losing Baron & Klatt we lost a big chunk of our veteran presence. Whatever else he brings, Arvedson is not known for playoff maturity/intangibles/whatever, and Slegr, depsite his ring from Detroit, is hardly Scott Stevens in the room either. Keane should help here (if they can sign him), but you could make a case that the Canucks did not really improve in this one crucial aspect of the game. The big question mark here is how much developed maturity will the core players show this season? Particularly Bertuzzi (big question mark here), Naslund (great quiet leader & all, but playoffs?), Jovo (I think he's in the best shape here...last year was a breakout for him), and then secondarily all the other 20-something core guys.
yea... I didn't touch much at all on coaching or intangibles, but they are key parts of our success... perhaps the biggest key - especially the intangibles!

with coaching, I am a little disappointed that Burke hasn't added a defensive specialist assistant coach... I think Crow is great as the head coach, and despite his rants, he has not lost the room, nor has shown any signs of losing it - which many fans have been worried about for over a year now! He's got alot of respect as the coach, and is an important part of our stability.

But I still think we need to add a premier assistant who can help the defensive side of things... a guy like Robinson or Carbonneau (don't know if either is available and/or willing??)... but someone who knows how to teach the defensive side of the game to our young team.

with the intangibles - fully agree with your comments.... I think that the one guy who has been largely ignored on the leadership side of things will take a huge step forward in this area next year - Matt Cooke!... IMO he's just itching to breakout into that guy that is not only depended on on the ice, but also off of it too... for the last few years we've been talking about how he has future captaincy written all over him - well it's time to show more of it!

With him, Linden, May and Keane, we have some pretty solid leadership in our support group... I'm not expecting Bertuzzi to carry much of that load - he really doesn't strike me as a leader at all, just been thrown that label because of his skills - but to me he's too immature to be a captain - and the guy is already 28!! I hope he continues to shine offensively, and improves his game defensively, but I wouldn't expect a lot of leadership from him.

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