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12-01-2010, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Honestly, my main complaint regarding the offense this season has been the reluctance to recall Lundmark or another offensive center while Lombardi, Legwand, and Goc have missed time.

The numbers are clear. With 3 of the 4 Opening Night centers in the lineup this team produces offense at a 3.1 goals per game clip. That's good enough for 6th in the league! With only 2 of 4 in the lineup they're now clicking at 1.64 goals per game - which is last in the league.

Ergo, I think you can't argue that Trotz is holding back the offense when when given a full compliment of centers HIS offense is good for 6th in the league! Blame Poile for not filling that 3rd center spot if you're going to blame anyone...
Uh, didn't we draft Wilson to play center? While I think Goc has played really well this year, he's a third liner at best in this league. He hasn't proven that he's capable of anything more at this point in his career. Wilson is supposed to be the center of the future and afforded us to trade Arnott. Then why not use him like we did Arnott and give him his minutes? I realize Trotz is big on his system and paying attention to detail but it comes at a price of killing any sort of creativity for the young guys that come up in this system. He uses a number 2 overall pick as a shutdown center and limits Wilson's minutes.

If Lundmark was that much of an improvement, one, why is he not here and two, who are you going to sit? Smithson and Spaling both are in the good graces of Trotz and while I like what Spaling brings to the table, he would be the odd man out. Does that really help? It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I honestly wonder what Wilson and Hornqvist could do together with a decent winger. Those two seemed to have good chemistry and compliment each others skills. I'm sorry but I just don't see other teams playing their 4th line grinders when games are on the line.

If Dumont is too much of a defensive liability for what Trotz likes to play, then he needs to be traded or sat scratched so that he'll ask for a trade. I think it's funny that Trotz will play guys that have no offense yet will sit guys that aren't as good defensively. It's like one is acceptable and the other isn't. I get the fact that he wants guys to be well rounded and good two way players but some guys aren't going to be great defensively and some aren't going to be great offensively yet the offensively challenged ones still seem to get their minutes. Oh well, at least we got 2 points tonight.

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