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12-01-2010, 11:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Dangles View Post
If the Blues primary owners are trying to sell is this bad? We are losing money?
So are the Sabres but A guy vowed money to buy them. Would a rich owner be less worried about tight expenses while a group are looking to turn a profit?

I don't know how this works and I'm curious how this affects their sell. I'm pretty sure Checketts has had interest in the Towerbrook's share to be sold and basically said the team must be sold by Dec 31 because of some tax increase.
Well in general, if a company is barely making money and is pressing against the budget, that's always a cause for concern. Who knows with hockey though? Some owners are fine with not making a killing because they love the team and the sport.

For the blues, they lost 6% compared to last year. That could easily be the difference between making the playoffs and not making the playoffs.

I think the tax increase you're refering to is tax on capital gains.

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