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12-02-2010, 12:44 AM
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Dolan economics:

"The team missed the playoffs. We need to raise ticket prices to account for lost revenue."

"The team made the playoffs. We need to raise ticket prices because we're putting out a superior product."

Granted, Rangers fans will continue going to games and supporting the team regardless, so from a purely economic standpoint I understand why Dolan does this. However, does he not have any ****ing compassion? These are the people who made you king of the world in 1994 and stuck with you during the ********* of times. The least he could do is not continue to jack up prices. I guess this is why I'm not involved in business. I wouldn't be able to find it within me to **** a bunch of people over despite their undying faith to my product just so I can buy my 8th private jet.

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