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12-02-2010, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
Thought O'Reilly had a good game as well with the exception of allowing the turnover that resulted in the 3-1 very late in the game. Don't know if it was just a lack of awareness of the defense or a lack of effort, but he waited for the puck to come to him as opposed to aggressively receive that pass and continue the rush. It allowed the defense to take the puck away and rush the other direction.

Also agree with you Seth that Suter cannot back off Rick Nash like he did resulting in Vermette's second goal (I think). That said, Crispy was correct at the end- Suter looked like a guy on mission at the end as he kept putting people on their backside. That was great to see.
While O'Reilly was the one that looked like a goat there on the play, the 3 on 1 was created by a horrible drop pass to O'Reilly that really never dropped and went too far ahead of Cal leading him into a defending player that would have been happy to go head hunting if he reached for the puck. Cal recognized the situation, realized he and the others were trapped, and tried his best to reach in to try to pokecheck the puck had the defender started to carry it.

An ugly play, but thankfully Suter and Rinne were up to the task!

As for Suter on Vermette's second goal, I think that was on Twitter, but the issue was that in our defensive system when you are on the man and he passes away the puck, you do peel off and look to replace the position vacated in the box behind that has now assumed man coverage. However, when Suter did that in this instance he just completely let his guard down for a minute and pivoted the wrong way. As a result he turned his back on Nash and gave him a free path to the net. Star players like Rick Nash don't need a second invitation to drive the net and Suter's mental lapse cost him there...

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