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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
This is pretty much the best advice. I wish I had done an internship, but I never thought of it. And the networking thing is 100% legit. The more people you know, the more hookups you can get. Corporate/ Professional environments is all about politics and who you know. Case in point: How I got my job. Only ****** thing is I'm now stuck in my job, because despite the number of people I currently know from working here, I'm still a contractor and can't manage to get hired as an employee because all the open positions are going to friends of HR people, people who had internships here, or people who stuck around as contractors for a million years which I'm not willing to do.

And now I'm just venting my displeasure with looking for a new job.
Thing is, a very wide range of people can do most jobs. It just takes a moderate amount of intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively. So, if any reasonably intelligent and educated person can do a job, then it's absurd not to hire a trusted friend. Trust and loyalty are far too valuable to ignore and its something that an unknown person just doesn't have, even if they are worthy of it.

Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
Got like 15 volumes worth of Manga in the mail today. Woohoo.
Also, anybody who doesn't cry at the end of the first volume/episode of Cross Game does not have a soul.

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