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12-02-2010, 12:04 PM
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I had to drive to Exton for 2 days for that training and i was ready to blow my brains out. Couldn't imagine an hour drive 5 days a week. When were you in the good ol' P-town? How'd you enjoy the hood? lol

I just got in another accident last month, and between those two I'd rather lose a limb before I had another. As far as the damage cost, whatever it is, expect it to double because of labor. My car's damage was around 2,500 and ended up over 5. Good thing for you is you shouldn't have to worry about it. Only thing you'll need to worry about is the deductible.

Yea, I live right near Exton. About 10 minutes further up. I was in P-town a lot. They had summer camps there pretty much every week. I was scared for my life driving through the town.

And yea, it was her fault so it will cost her every thing, minus my deductible.

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At least 5 of their proposed stadiums are open air.

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