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12-02-2010, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
You make it sound like he put his hand 2 inches from Kippers face. Goalies routinely look around huge forwards and between their legs but not around a hand and arm?
Ah, yeah, this kind has nothing to do with what I'm saying... and I'm on record saying that I think the decision to legislate against what Pronger did is dumb. However, Cartsiephan's argument that we see players doing that with regularity is pure fantasy.

It doesn't matter if a goalie can or cannot look around a player's hand held in front of his eye level (obviously he can). What matters is that the NHL is saying that such a play is an unsportsmanlike conduct, and they don't want to see it in the NHL. Whether you agree with that statement or not is a matter to take up at a level above the call specific to Pronger. If that's the way they're going to call it going forward, then that's the rule.

And the point of the rule clarification because of Avery was because he was making a joke of the game. That play was shown on highlights all night and made the NHL look like a joke of a league. If no call was made on Pronger the Flyers win the game and nobody would have mentioned it outside of Calgary.
Who cares? They're saying this is how they want the rule implemented... everyone citing the Avery incident is ignoring the fact that the NHL is stating that this is how they interpret the rule, and, therefore, the call on the ice was correct. You really can't argue with that.

Which is why I noted earlier in the thread that the O'Donnell boarding call against the Caps earlier in the year is 100x more infuriating, because it was obviously NOT boarding.

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