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12-02-2010, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Great news? That means that everything Ranger related is going to go up in price.

I'd trade a wealthy ownership for a competent one.

As I don't see a cent of that, I could care less.

If anything, this is bad news. It reinforces what this owner has done as he has a very different idea for what success is in professional sports. These rankings and his bank account will say more than any "Fire Sather" rally ever will.
How does growth and profits lead to higher prices? I'd imagine being in the red would cause cuts and higher prices.

And this BS about New York being recession proof? What world do you guys live in? New York has one of the highest concentration of rich financial folk in the world. All of their profits and earnings always pad and skew any report like that. And if people lose their job, with New York rent? You can bet they aren't going to be able to stay very long. 9% unemployment is still 9% unemployment. Given the city's population, you are probably looking at 750,000 unemployed people. I've heard people say this out here in California - mostly if you still have a job, the recession isn't affecting you, but that is a very short sited view on things. Go volunteer at your local food bank and get some intel from the foot soldiers.

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