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Originally Posted by Woof View Post
Pronger is 6'6", did he not think that was enough of a screen for Kipper? The point is, anything that makes a mockery of the game is what the league doesn't want, and I don't either. If someone had done that to Bob or Boosh we would have had a **** fit if he had gotten away with it.
What Avery did was a mockery. What Pronger did was part of the game. If Pronger took his stick with his hands still firmly on the stick and raised it at eye level and never touched the puck with this have been legal? It is part of the game, it is called gamesmanship, getting leverage any way you can to gain an advantage.

The goalie does it in the same circumstance by slashing the fwds calf/ankle, this is just as much of a distraction or disruption to the play but it goes uncalled, why? Because it is part of the game. What Avery was doing was a joke in its fullest sense, not so much with Pronger.

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