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12-02-2010, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by rantfather View Post
Trevor Steinburg is NOT the A/D at SMU or am I wrong,again?
No you are right, he is not AD. He did however, not beat out, he was the second place candidate who was favourably overruled over the first place finisher who was actually informed of his new job only to have this happen later in the day, and who possessed: a Master's degree, 15 years work experience with youth, a Social Worker by profession, a skilled GM of an independent club team, and a proven, very proven, recruiter. Quite a few universities have chosen an uneducated, work inexperienced, former pro hockey players as coaches, Saint Mary's has done it, UPEI, STU, Dal, anyone else?, Did Al MacAdam ever get his education? thing is you don't know at the time, some work out, and some do not. I know I know I know...he has been there long enough to prove "he is not". However, I know you have argued against Eagles' remaining as an AD, I had forgotten that component, I thought coaching and recruiting were the center points of your arguements. Otherwwise he could be fine remaining as an AD, how are the other teams doing? Hey that happend to Saint Mary's too, the late Larry Uteck (RIP) was head football coach and I thought they were showing signs of serious decay in the mid nineties as he was appointed acting AD. ( SMU had done the STU thing and hired, nay , appointed, an AD, despite warnings from others, who subsequently left in secrecy ) I thought it was all too much for him. He finally moved on to become fulltime AD, leaving the football aside: Blake Nill took over has Head Coach the rest is history. The football team was never better after that.

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