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12-02-2010, 07:45 PM
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Eagles was crowned the A/D without benefit of an advertised open competition by an outgoing University President.....I am philosophically opposed to this .
In spite of Administrations arguments to the contrary, 1 man cannot do 2 jobs well and Eagles has largely demonstrated this.
As coach,he again has failed miserably in the recruitment and retention of players in sufficient numbers to be anywhere but last place in the AUS,and make no mistake here,he is totally responsible,himself,for this mess and has nobody to blame but himself.
His conduct last year in locking up sticks after a series weekend loss before players arrived for practice is just one childish example of a coach who is out of his element and is well beyond his level of competence.

Short summary,he has not done,cannot do and should no longer have anything to do with athletics and men's hockey at STU.
The win over X last weekend was an example of what should be ,but certainly for more than every 13 games.

The now 9 years of non-results is a lengthy enough history upon which a change should be predicated.

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