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Originally Posted by Blue'sClues View Post
CFL attendance 2010--Hamilton 23,890 per game.
----------------------Toronto 22,069 per game.

Any team is "lucky" to average over 5,000 fans a game..... if you check the past few seasons about a dozen team in a 28-30 team league average over 5,000.

In 06-07, the year the Dogs won the average attendance was 4,888.

A Montreal Canadiens farm team is not working in a city so close to Toronto....... totally agree, but if you're going to slag the city and the fans that it does have..... please try to get your statistics right, don't just pull numbers out of the air.
CFL Average attendance per game 2000-2010

Hamilton: 20775
Toronto: 23912

If you look at recent history (last 10 years), The TiCats are easily drawing worse numbers than Argos.

As for the BullDogs, looking at the last 6 years:

2010-11 BullDogs average: 4080/game
League Average: 4739/game

2010 BullDog Playoff average: 3287/game for 10 games
2010 League Playoff Average: 4170/game

2009-10 BullDogs average: 4374 per game
2009-10 League Average: 5100 per game

2009 BullDog Playoff Average: 2768 per game for 3 games
2009 League Playoff Average: 5046 per game

2008-2009 BullDogs Average: 4624 per game
2008-09 League Average: 5115 per game

2008 Bulldogs Playoff Average: NA
2008 League Playoff Average: 4233 per game

2007-08 BullDogs Average: 4575 per game
2007-08 League Average: 5270 per game

2007 BullDogs Playoff Average: 4653 per game for 12 games
2007 League Playoff Average: 4390 per game

2006-07 BullDogs Average: 4888 per game
2006-07 League Average: 5472 per game

2006 BullDogs Playoff Average: NA
2006 League Playoff Average: 4469 per game

2005-06 BullDogs Average: 5120 per game
2005-06 League Average: 5488 per game

Looking at these stats, it is pretty clear that the BullDogs have been drawing below league average crowds for years, both in the regular season and in the playoffs...with the exception of one year (which I bolded) when they went to the finals and won the Calder Cup.

In some years, particularly the 2009 and 2010 playoffs, their attendance is downright pathetic. I mean, 3200 per game when your team makes it all the way to the Conference Finals.....that is a joke!

Based on these numbers, people should not be surprised if the Montreal Canadiens decide to move the team out of Hamilton.

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