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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
The leafs have such a glut of great goalie prospects though right? They wont be contending for several years. Saying kulemin has been the best leaf isnít saying much. Poni was good as leaf and a failure elsewhere. JVR was recently drafted and has just started his 2nd nhl season. What has kadri done? He cant even make a terrible leafs team out of camp. So what he is the captain, he is overpaid and not a great player, a good one not great. Your delusional my friend. Well JVR would be a main piece of the their core as well. No Gm is their right mind would refuse kadri, kulemin, or gusto for jvr. Dion you cnamake an argument maybe gusto as well.
The Leafs have a lot of goalie prospects, yes, good ones, to... ones that Philly tried to obtain for the most part. But Gustavsson is the top of the class right now, our current and future #1. He's not getting traded for a struggling young forward.

Poni had good stats as a Leaf, but not many Leafs fans liked him, because his play was often very lacklustre. Very little passion to his game. If he had some emotion, he'd be a much better player. Kulemin on the other hand is all heart, and has shown great skills. And unlike Poni, he's not a perimeter player, he'll get down and dirty. Philly fans are saying JVR will be a 30/30 guy? Kulemin's currently going for 30/20... and he's getting better every game.

Kadri and Kessel are guys the Leafs are building around, Kadri being Kessel's playmaker. Burke specifically wanted him in the draft, and refused to trade the pick away to move up for Schenn, another player that he wanted. Kadri had a bad camp, but then went ppg in the AHL to earn his call-up. Kadri's got amazing on-ice vision, and massive potential, it's not worth the risk trading him for JVR.

As for Phaneuf, our record with him and without him speaks for itself. He's the heart and soul of this team, and even if his offensive stats aren't great, he's been the driving force for whatever success the Leafs have had these last two seasons. The massive failures the Leafs have shown have only come up while he wasn't around.

I'm not saying these players are all going to be better than JVR, I'm just saying they're important to the Leafs, and JVR isn't valuable enough to warrant trading any of them.

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