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12-03-2010, 10:30 AM
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Oh, so now you're gonna actually reply to my original post.

Originally Posted by vera1964 View Post
Really? I explained before why he was playing in KHL. This is a combination of things. And yes, part of it was that he wanted money that he believed was granted by his play in regular season (where he was a leading point scorer). Does it qualify like "greedy"? Probably not, considering the arbitration awarded him 3.9mln.
...So I was right? I said that players almost always don't go to the KHL unless they're not wanted and/or greedy (another way of saying that they want more money then anyone is willing to give them). He wanted more money then anyone was willing to give so he went to the KHL.

I don't see what bringing up his arbitration number says about anything. Arbitrators aren't exactly infallible. Clarke MacArthur got awarded 2.4 mil this past off-season in arbitration and he ended up signing for less then half that at 1.1 mil.

If any team thought Zherdev was worth going after and signing at 3.9 mil then a team would have done so.

Maybe. Maybe not. His agent said there were offers, and there were a few rummors, but I honestly don't know. Apparently you do.
Never said I know for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if he received lesser offers or relatively equal offers, but common sense dictates that there's no way anyone gave him an offer that was substantially better then what the Flyers gave him. If Zherdev was offered something better then 2 mil for one year, which is pittance in today's NHL, then he would have taken it. Players value money just as much as we do and that's proven every off-season.

Again, you are the expert. You know everything about Zherdev and what kind of player he is.
Again, you're stuffing words in my mouth. never said I know everything about Zherdev. However, it's common sense that he didn't get an offer that was substantially better then ours.

How much guaranteed money a player makes is a player's number one priority 90% of the time.

I have nothing to add.

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