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12-03-2010, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
I was responding to your post. I didnít say go out and trade him. I said if a move is there you make if it helps your team more, regardless if the wing is weakness. Not advocating trading anyone. So there is no other player they can aquire who can help now and in the futrure as good as JVR is what your syaing no? Unlike you I dotn have tunnel vision and say any player is off limits because it is an organizational weakness. The goal is to win the cup this year is it not? Yes I absolutely take those 2 1st if that deal was possible.

No JVR really isnt that important and is not the diff in them winning or losing the cup. Yeah moving him for picks is a bad move. Not 2 1sdt rd picks where one has the potential to be #1 overall next year and still top10 at worst the following year. Why you keep talking about a salary dump is beyond me
Moot point either way in regards to value because he is not going anywhere at this point.

There is a firesale in NJ though, I would move two for one in equal salary....Langenbrunner for Zherdev and Powe.

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