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10-07-2003, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by membleypeg
I have a bad feeling about this year (don't know why). The following is what I see transpiring for the Canucks. The Canucks seem disorganized coming out of the preseason, and I see this as a bad omen.

1) Canucks start the season slowly (8-10-2) in the first 20 games. The Canucks are plagued by inconsistent goal tending by Cloutier. The fast, skilled, Canucks are slowed by opponents physical style and trapping schemes. The forwards are not responsible for defense, and team chemistry is questioned.

2) Hedburg gets the nod and goal tending improves. The Canucks however, are still getting mugged in their own division games (Parker, Worrell, Johnson, and Laraque) and are in desperate need of a full time enforcer (why has Grenier not been called up). Injuries that have escaped this team for the past few years catch up. The struggling Canucks go (7-8-5) through this stretch.

3) The team goes on a good run after Xmas and reels off 7 straight victories. More injuries to key players cool them off. The secondary scoring that has been expected from the Sedin's and Arvedson never materializes. The pressure is on Burke to give this team a major shake up as the trading deadline approaches. The Canucks play this stretch at (10-8-2) and sit in 9th place.

4) In the last twenty two games the Canucks continue to be plagued by injuries. Team chemistry is unravelling and fingers are pointing. The Canucks finish the last quarter at (8-12-2). Burke is critized for not changing the team make up at the deadline and there are calls for his and Crow's firing. One bright spot is that Cloutier has a strong quarter, and actually steals some points.

We end up the year (33-38-11) with 77 points and finish in 10th spot in the division. We are the San Jose Sharks of last year and are relegated to the lottery section of the draft.

"Why didn't we do anything last year to address secondary scoring and team toughness," will be the refrain. Do we make major changes to the team, will be Burkes decision for the lockout year. Cloutier remains inconsistent, and the question of trading him becomes a hot topic. The curse of the Canucks not being able to field a perennial Stanley cup contender continues.
Did we take a double-dose of our pessimistic pills today?