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12-03-2010, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach J View Post
Alright. After careful considertion I've ascertained why I'm so choked. They filled a position for which I felt was a perfect fit for me given my experience with this facility and rinks at large. More than that is my understanding if minor and junior sports, their operations and their needs. Instead, they hired a guy that has zero background in rinks or even sports and large. He's the type of guy that looks out of place in an ice rink or weight room.

Their reasoning for why the other guy was a better candidate was also ridiculous. They cited his experience in a supervisory position and said he had more than I do. Perhaps he does in title but not in practice; he has at most supervised 15 people at once whereas I'm currently supervising 25 staff over a 7 day a week operation.

They also said I needed more practice in building strong relationships with our user groups starting from scratch or a negative place. I'm offended this in oarticular given I start ed my current position by replacing someone whom had been there for 25 years and was beaten out by me for the position. Not only did I have to deal with volatile user groups angry that i had come in, I also had to deal with a manager that had mentally checked out years ago and gave me zero support. From that I've built fantastic relationships with our user groups. For me the most telling indication will be their reaction when they hear who got the job.

The last and most offensive thing about the whole interview marking is that they tell me I didn't pass the interview. I scored 61% with 65% being the minimum score. I'll be interested to know which questions I scored zero on and why. It's that or I got 5s on everything which I find difficult to believe.

I'm meeting with HR on Monday to go over my scores. Im also meeting for informal coffee with my manager before hand. Bottom line...I really and truley feel like I got screwed over for a less experienced and qualified candidate.
good luck with that. sucks that you got shafted.

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