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12-03-2010, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Kambo View Post
Just remember, it's not his fault he was hired, so don't act irrationally toward him if you do have to work with him. I've gone through situations here when I've applied for jobs and wouldn't even so much as get a call for an interview, but had to work closely with the new person. It takes training to not be angry at them, but they were honestly just looking for a new job like you were. Just ask HR and your manager the questions without coming across as being an *******, and let them know you were disappointed. Better to look disappointed then a ****** bag.
I know it's not his fault. I went through the same thing last year when I replaced the person whom had been here for 25 years. Its not his fault, he just applied for a job.

What the most disappointing thing is I really do not see how he is even close to qualified for the position. Maybe I say **** it and go do an MBA.

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