Thread: Injury Report: Markov, SEASON DONE!
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12-03-2010, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I mean seriously, you have to question if someone understands hockey when they'd rather have Chris Campoli over Andrei Markov, in any health condition.

I understand that Markov's knee is a concern, but it's 2010...not 1985! There's NO REASON to think Markov, especially considering how serious he takes his profession, can't come back at 100% and even then, a Markov at 80% is 100x's the defensman that Chris Campoli is.

I can't even believe we're discussing this...Chris Campoli? The same guy who couldn't nail down a spot on the New York Islanders defense? The same guy who is part of one of the worst defensive squads in the NHL right now?

I'm shocked by the lack of loyalty shown by Habs fans towards Markov...actually, i'm not shocked, the fickleness has become quite common amongst Habs fans.

I'm not worried one bit that the Habs are going to re-sign Markov...anyone who thinks they won't, just don't know how the Montreal Canadiens organization operates.
For the rest of us, I think the biggest question mark is the length and term of the contract. What do you think is a fair offer and one that Markov would likely take (in your opinion).

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