Thread: Injury Report: Markov, SEASON DONE!
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12-03-2010, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I don't know...tough call, but I do think they are going to re-sign him. Both parties are goign to have to meet each other halfway, Markov's camp is going to have to realize that he's missed alot of time the last few years and because of that, won't be able to secure the long term/big money deal he was most likely in line to receive before...

while the Montreal Canadiens camp is going to have to realize that low-balling Markov because of an injury is just going to make negotiations more difficult and it might allow another team to swoop in and pick up a great player at great value.

It's going to have to be give and take on both sides...habs have to show faith in Markov and Markov has to show faith in Habs. What the numbers will look like, I have no idea...

But I do know that low balling or walking away from an important player like Markov sends a VERY bad message to the rest of your team and perspective free agents about how you handle and take care of your players.
You know, at first thought, it may seems unlikely that he'll get good, lengthy offers but Carbo raised a good point yesterday that despite the 2 surgeries, there will likely be a GM willing to pony up good money and term come July 1st due to Markov's caliber. I mean the general consensus was that Gaborik was made off glass yet he still cashed in and got a 5 year deal.

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