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12-03-2010, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
That even if Mark & Kyle were healthy that this team would be anywhere close to the playoff hunt? Forget playoffs, what about close to .500

What a disaster of a club this is. and it isn't just because they're missing their 2 best players. Oh of course that hurts, but even with them I can't say the NYI would have any more than 3 more wins.

What is Jack Capuano (and Gordon) and the coaching staff doing here? Same lines over and over and over. Every damn night they roll out the same stinkin' lines and they do absolutely nothing. It is the very definition of crazy.

AGAIN, down by 1 goal, last minute of the game and Jack Hillen and PAP are out there on the ice? WHY? With this rag tag group of players you have to put out Moulson, Tavares, Neilsen/Schremp, Hamonic/MacDonald, Wisniewski in this situation. I can't stand it. Every god damn time this club pulls their goalie they just roll whatever line is next. WTF? Do the Penguins not put Crosby, Stall & Malkin out there when they're down a goal in the final minute? I mean am I crazy here for wanting to put the teams best players on the ice, even if they aren't a line that plays together all the time in this situation?

I can tolerate losing. I can no longer tolerate losing because the coaching staff either doesn't have the ability (because of demands from the front office/owner) OR he doesn't have the knowhow to change up these lousy lines.

And another thing, does this club EVER pull their goalie mid game? DiPietro has had at least 3 games where he's given up 5 goals or more and not once was he yanked? What are they worried about? That his feelings will be hurt? It's more damning to the teams psyche keeping a goalie who clearly doesn't have it that night, in the net, then it does upsetting your lifetime goalie who just let up his 4th goal of the 2nd period. Even if the defense is lousy, sometimes you make the change just to send the team a message. The game vs the rags was proof of that.

I am at my wits end
You know, in Nolan's last season I never at any point believed they were tanking for Stamkos. In Gordon's first season the idea that they were throwing games for Tavares never crossed my mind.

This season though, as crazy as it sounds, I really feel as though Snow is looking to add another top talent through the draft and is sabotaging this team- since the players would never tank on purpose.

I just, I don't know- what other explanation is there? A neophyte coach is cut loose to bring in an even less competant man at the helm, the team captain has taken on a coach's role, we have no suitable #3 in case we lose DP or, worse, Rollie.

I really feel as though Snow has his eye on one of Coutuier, Larsson or RNH.

Actually, knowing him, we'll probably trade down for Dougie Hamilton or Landeskog

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