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12-03-2010, 11:44 PM
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Right now I don't get to skate often so when I do, I usually go out and warm up checking all of my techiques, especially my skating backwards. If I get extra time before others hit the ice I like to do the following to practice:

1. Skate forwards, hit a point, stop and start directly into quick steps backwards into cross overs- I focus on the explosive steps to get moving so that I don't have to turn. I find this to be a good workout. Just go forward, hit a line, stop, cross your steps over backwards and turn it into backwards cross overs.

2. Circles backwards- just like when you were a kid. Hit the circles practice your cross over extensions on each side.

3. Exaggerated crossovers- go backwards, set points to your left and right- center face off and zone face off dots for instance- and try to do 2-3 cross overs to hit one then 2-3 back to the other, covering as much ground as you can.

4. C cuts- hit the blue line going forward, turn, c cuts all the way down to the far end faceoff dot- dont take your feet off the ice, then turn, cross overs around the net, hit the blue line going the other way and do it again.

IMO, it's all about 1. making it a natural motion and 2. making yourself explosive backwards. The more speed and space you can cover going backwards the more effective you are (usually). Practice those moves in your free time and it should help.

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