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Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
dont want to beat a dead horse but... whether people like to hear it or not, when he is compared to kane (which is the closest and best comparison) JVR is an utter failure so far. unless the talent drop off from first to second was that great, JVR really needs to kick it into gear. kane won them the ****ing cup. not to say jvr lost it for us, but he certainly didn't help that much. then again.. kyle turris certainly isn't setting any records either.

inb4 i get flamed
You have to take into account that every player develops differently. Big lanky kids like JVR take longer to fill out and find their game than guys like Kane. JVR is what, 21? It's way too early to worry about it. Kane is just a great little player, JVR will be, you just have to have some patience. He's got amazing hands and vision, along with speed, size and a good attitude. You get glimpses of what he will be quite often now, and another 10 pounds heavier next year he'll be even better.

It's like all the people on here who declared that Nodl had no offensive skill or game and that he was destined to only check, whereas others of us saw his hands and hockey sense two years ago and realized it might just take some time and some confidence for him to find his talent in the NHL game. Right now, he's showing excellent offensive instincts, scoring nice goals and getting better all the time. Lucky we didn't jettison him two years ago because he didn't enter the NHL fully formed as an offensive star.

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