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Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
i agree. but, this is the NHL. windows are small and when you have malkin, crosby, kane and toews in other teams, waiting sucks
There will always be star players on other teams.
What does this have to do with JVR?
And our window is far from small, we still have a very young core.

Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
then, what if you wait for him to develop into the power forward he should be, passing on trade after trade banking on his draft position and potential and it falls through? just saying.. someone drafted 2nd, having played college and AHL AND with stanley cup experience should develop faster, especially with the strong leadership in the locker room. ****, correct if i am wrong but it looks like hall and sequin are looking better than jvr. ****ing stamkos looks better than ovechkin and tavares is a star already.
Tavares is far from a star.
And how should YOU know how fast JVR has to develop. Players develop differently and I don't see how JVR is costing us right now. It might be even better for as in the long run if he doesn't score 30+ goals right now because we might get him on a cheap short-term contract after his ELC runs out.

Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
im jus throwing that out there. how long do you wait for him to develop when other teams are getting better each and every year with more talented squads. the flyers have zero star prospects (except giroux, but he is out of prospect range now). sure we have carter, richards, giroux but they don't compete with ovie and backstrom and carlson or crosby, malkin and fleur or even kane and toews duncan/keith.
Carlson?! Fleury?! Those two aren't stars and while Carlson will be a nice defender I don't see him as a legit #1. Fleury is an OK goaltender, nothing more.
As far as Toews goes, we have Richards. I'm quite confident in that match-up.
Keith is 26 years old, is he a prospect? Also Pronger is better.
As for the rest, we all saw how far all this "star-power" got them in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by triqsix View Post
jvr almost NEEDS to turn into what he was drafted to be otherwise it will be epic fail IMO
No he doesn't.
This team is equipped with offensive talent for years to come.
JVR might turn into a PPG player who can score 40 goals, but if he "only" scores 30 a year it won't kill this team.

And what exactly will be an epic fail?
The fact that we drafted him instead of Kyle Turris, Thomas Hickey or Karl Alzner?
Or the fact that we are keeping him right now, after an OK rookie season, because we could trade him for some unnecessary players?

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