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12-04-2010, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Isle Junkie View Post
To be fair, Capuano has only been here for what 5 games? Gordon wasn't changing his lines either. I don't think he was allowed to change his lines.

i'm really starting to believe Charles Wang is filling out the lineup card.
I'm with ya. What the heck does ANYONE think Capuano could do to come in here after a 10 game losing streak and change things around with a team that boasts Moulson-Tavares-Parenteau as its first line.

And heck, with Gillies, Sim, Martin, Joensuu and Grabner in the line-up, what other options are there?

No doubt, Sim on the PP is ugly. I'd have no problem with it from a feistiness standpoint, but the man has hands of stone and does nothing but get tossed around like a ragdoll only to himself get penalized, even when hasn't committed a penalty.

Basically, Snow needs to add something from the outside - there's nothing guys from BPort can do right now to right this ship.

Rak WILL get a look this season... don't worry.

As for Bailey, well he had two PP assists last night in the first and then disappeared as Springfield outscored BPort 5-1 after that point.

Didn't change the lines??? Are you kidding... he never kept them together. Those guys were rotating with reckless abandon. They had hardly any time to get used to each other. At least Capuano is TRYING to let certain players gain some chemistry. Gordon was even quoted by Howie as having said "He doesn't believe in fixed lines. Everyone should be able to play with everyone at any given time.", or something to that effect.

And sorry, for all his little faults, Parenteau is STILL carrying and sometimes distributing the puck better than just about everybody on this team.

It's not the individual players, it's the make-up and other miscasting of this team that has them creating new heights in patheticism.

I mean seriously, this is our RW side:

If it weren't for Moulson, the patheticism of this RW side would only be outdone by that of our LW side.

BTW, who here would rather be watching Bergenheim than Joensuu, Gillies and Sim???

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