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10-07-2003, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by jofa
The Boston Bruins have just revoked their previous offer of $1.8 million to Berard, which he had now indicated he would be interested in accepting. Anyone else think he's worth at least a $1.8 million offer from Lowe?

Even with his eye injury, Berard is a tremendous offensive defenseman who could be a key cog in the Oiler's powerplay and play a lot of minutes, taking some of the load off of Brewer. Last season he played 80 games in Boston, scoring 10g and 28a (compared to Brewer's last season totals of 80gp, 8g and 21a).

I'd feel pretty comfortable with the top six defensemen being Brewer, Berard, Semenov, Smith, Staios and Cross. Its a good mix of youth and experience, offensive and defensive players, and size.
The Bruins have the right to match any offer within X% of his arbitration award. (X being something like 20%, but I'm not entirely sure that I'm accurate.)

The Bruins are playing hardball with Berard, but they'd instantly match the 1.8 figure if they had to. I will be shocked if he plays anywhere other than Boston this year.

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