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Originally Posted by LateNightOilerFan View Post
I've watched every game Roli's played since he was traded to the Oilers in '06. It's becoming really hard to watch him stand on his head just about every night and rack up the losses because the Isles can't give him any goal support. Since he is playing so well and hardly giving up any soft or back-breaking goals it's not a 'lack of confidence in your goalie' issue. He has given the Isles a lot of quality starts that are just being wasted. The guy at 41 still has it, he's still capable of playing a starter's load of games and he is just so competitive and focussed. In 2009 he said he wanted to play 3-4 more years so long as he still felt good - well, he's not slowing down at all and he's very healthy so I think he still has 1-2 years left in him.

The Isles have given him 19 goals in support over 13 games - that's less than 1.5 goals per game. 2-10-1 is not indicative of his play, with the exception of 1 OTW vs TOR and 1 OTL vs SJS which he managed to steal on 3 total goals in support. If he received at least 2 goals in support per game, he would have 5 fewer losses. If he had at least 3 goals in support per game, he would have 8 fewer losses. Your team scores an average of 3 goals per game.

In 13 starts, he has allowed 1-2 goals against in 7 of them. 2.46 GAA .914sv% while facing an average of 29 SOG per 60 min. The Isles have allowed the 28th most goals against at 78. Roli has only allowed 32 or 41% of those goals while starting 54% of the games.

If Yzerman is saying the Lightning will be staying put with their goalies then it really is a shame. Your team reminds me of the 05/06 Oilers when all they needed was that final piece which was some consistency in net. Roli provided that then and based on his play over the past 3 seasons including his current level of play, I think he still can now. Playoff experience can only be a good thing, and if it gets compromised by inadequate goaltending then that's not really fair to the rest of the team.

Last season, it was reported that Snow turned down a 3rd round pick for Roli at the deadline. This made sense because Roli had another year left on his contract and DP's situation was still unknown. So Roli was more valuable to the team compared to a 3rd round pick. I think the situation is a bit different now because Roli is a pending UFA. The jury is still out on DiPietro but lately he is improving and obviously the Isles are going to stick with him. Given that playoff chances seem to be blown already for the Isles, Roli will likely sit even if he is outplaying DP because the Isles need to see what DP can handle. It's hard to say if Roli will re-sign with the Isles so a 3rd rounder could do it this year. Another possibility is that the Isles would trade for Smith given he is also pending UFA and they may need the salary to stay above the cap floor if they are sellers at the deadline.

I certainly hope that Snow does right by Roli and trades him. He has done everything that team has asked of him and more. If DP can get back to form, it's because Roli's play has allowed him to not feel rushed. That should be factored in as a return on investment for the Isles. I hope they don't get greedy and deny Roli another chance at the playoffs at this stage in his career. A playoff caliber team could really take advantage of Roli's strong play instead of wasting it.

Good luck folks!
Great post. Thanks much.

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