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12-05-2010, 08:57 AM
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Although it's not just the last two games with the Rangers but almost this whole season, we have NO system. I'm beyond sick of seeing our bump and watch strategy to get into the zone. We dump the puck in and literally with no pressure let the other team skate out with ease. We never dump the puck to a side where someone has speed going into the zone and could beat/meet the dman to the puck. (I'm not going to bring up that our forwards ,less a handful, have no speed to begin with that is a different topic all together).

Watch the forwards in our offensive zone in the next "game". You will see either all three surrounding the puck at once (much like 98% of house leagues and youth hockey teams do) or you will see the new craze of the team, the 2 foot pass. I'm not talking about cycling the puck I'm talking about a tape to tape pass (rare) to someone almost standing side by side. When was a kid playing travel I was told that this is totally useless bc one dman can easily cover two. This happens multiple times a game. Not to mention the horrendous passing in general where players are almost diving to receive a pass all game. Also maybe someone can tell the golden boy JT that his no look throw the puck in front of the net move doesn't work in the pro's, we lose control of the puck a few times a game with that gem of a play.

This has been said numerous times but we need MEN on this team. Fedotanko, Prust, Avery, Dubinsky and others all worked the boards as if no one was on them. The rangers cycled the puck as if they were the Russian Red Army team and we couldn't do anything about it. In the offensive zone we lose control of the puck if someone opens a window in the arena bc most of these guys are not at NHL strength or simply shouldn't be in the league.

I've played the game for many years and although I'm far from an expert these are just of the few fundamental things that I see are wrong with this team. If you can't enter the zone or gain control how can you even begin to score goals on a regular basis? If you finally enter the zone with control and make poor passes (whether its poor decisions or poor pass in general) you give the puck right back to the other team, once again limiting your chances to score. It sounds so elementary, and it is, but we have not done any of this in a long long time.

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