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12-05-2010, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
You are right if Sim got a penalty Dubinsky should have got a cross check.
Well, he did, but the penalties negated each other. I'm saying the ref has to give the Isles a PP in that situation, because there were more Ranger 'crimes' in that sequence than just Sim's theatrics.

But it is super easy to say that Torres would fit now that he is having a good season after sucking for a while. Captain Hindsight is great character along with his sidekicks Shoulda, Coulda, and Woulda.
CrTheNet's answer suffices. Torres and Stempniak, Lombardi and Ponikarovsky, were definitely names being mentioned in the off-season.

Again, not long-term solutions; but definitely short-term support deemed by many here to be necessary for our youngins.

But saying that Bergie who can only do offense and he can't do it at this level is better than Sim who at least hits and stands up for a teammate, what did Bergie do????? You want Vets, and Sim is not a high caliber vet.....Agreed. But your answer is Sean Bergenheim?!?!
Bergenheim is easily as offensively proficient as Sim and has more speed. He too gets under the skin of opponents. Both take too many penalties.

The difference is, Bergie has what, 5 or 6 years on Sim? In addition, when Bergie was one of the first guys not to be signed, I believe we were ALL under the assumption that management made that decision with the idea of UPGRADING on Bergie. I thought Snow was gonna UPGRADE on Park, Jackman, Sim and Weight as well.

I have no problem with Sim being in this organization as a guy who plays 65 games in the AHL and 15 games in the NHL as a fourth liner.

I'm afraid that's NOT the Sim we're getting. We're getting a Sim who plays 2nd/3rd line minutes, gets PP time and whose penalty minutes FAR OUTWEIGH any offensive production he creates.

Or is his 'veteran presence' obviously helping in light of his so great contributions:
18 GP, 1 assist, -7, 16 PMs

Yep, he's a winner.

Snow had to work on the d, got Eaton and Wis and Jurck, damn him for not trying to get FA forwards..............which he probably did and got rejected.

Oh well........peace.
Very happy with the work on D. Eaton has been a great warrior and Jurcina has been a positive figure when he's played. Wisniewski is currently overworked and the holes in his game are very visible. His +/- and riverboat gambler mentality are not helping the team, but he's still generating much more than any other blueliner. Mottau is good when he plays 12-15 minutes a night. It is absolutely incredible that this club experienced ANY phase whatsoever where Streit, Jurcina, Mottau, Hillen, MacDonald, Kohn and Katic were all out at the same time. Just incredible...

But lets be honest, this team needed 2-3 wingers with mid-range capabilities and the ability to provide the younger guys with support. I wouldn't care if a Torres came in and only went 12-15-27, Stempniak say 18-20-38 and Asham 10-12-22 - I believe their intangibles and experience would have been invaluable for the locker room and in creating space for the kiddies.

Bringing in Konopka and Parenteau while signing Hilbert and Sim for depth wasn't NEARLY enough...

Or do the 16 losses in 17 games speak otherwise...

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