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12-05-2010, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
It does matter, though. Focusing on Kane is stupid, because the Flyers couldn't draft Kane. If JVR was a stud, and Kane was a bust, then that would be a problem in Chicago... because they could have drafted JVR. Similarly, if we had drafted Turris over JVR, we probably wouldn't be thrilled with who we got in that comparison.

Kane was the #1 pick, and he's been the better player thus far... so apparently they got it right. It's fine to complain that we lost the lottery to Chicago, but it isn't JVR's fault he isn't as good as Kane.

Who we could have drafted instead... not who was off the board.
I'm not complaining about JVR. I like JVR and I said before I think he'll be a solid player in this league. But he's gonna get compared to Kane. That's just how it is. Hence, everyone is comparing him to Kane. Maybe it isn't a fair comparison, but that's too bad because just look around this board and anywhere else...people are comparing him to Kane and judging his performance in reference JVR's and back and forth. It is kind of like how no one will ever really live up to Gretzky but every time there is a great player he will be compared to Gretzky. Sure the comparison isn't really fair, different era, different styles, Gretzky was probably way better than anyone who ever has or will play the game etc, but when a guy like Crosby comes into the league, people will compare the two. That's how it is. It isn't a fair comparison. No one really thinks Crosby is better than Gretzky, but he will be compared to him.

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