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12-05-2010, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
you want to know why those thre guys are succeeding? look at the system. all three of their respective teams are not defensive oriented systems. all three of those guys are softer than marshmellows, and couldn't win a board battle to save their life. no grit, not toughness, no real drive to do the ugly things that a good defensive system requires. so if they go to a system that they can play more of an open game, yeah, they are gonna score and put up some numbers. but if those guys are leading your team, you suck
Weren't you and a few others saying the same thing about O'Reilly before the season started?

Hate to say it but we have a team of marshmellows as you put it. Who do we have that can go to the boards on a consistent basis and win the battle of the boards? And I'm talking about the guys up front. Wilson? Hornqvist? Sully? O'Reilly? Legwand? Erat? Shall I keep going? Ward is about the only one to be honest and his effectiveness this year along the boards isn't what it's been in years past.

I'm not suggesting we should have kept any of those three but the more guys that leave here and produce some offensive numbers makes me wonder a little bit about the chances they were or weren't given and/or how much we stifle offensive creativity. I just hope that SK does not get told to stop being creative and to keep up what he's doing lately.

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