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12-05-2010, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by txomisc View Post
Especially if Dallas continues to play well. They'd want players who can help today as well as for the future. Something like Stepan + Rozsival + mcdonagh/mcilrath

People also need to realize that when Richards was traded to Dallas he was not playing well at all. Now he is playing like an allstar so obviously hes worth more than he was when dallas acquired him.
What people "need to realize" is that we almost NEVER see the kind of huge return that Dallas fans are asking for. When was the last time a good player was traded where the return was shockingly large? Almost every single time, the player gets traded and HFBoards lets out a collective "wha? They traded the guy for THAT?" It's comical how often it happens.

Dallas isn't going to get 3 young roster players for an over 30 rental. If that's what they ask for, the Rangers will walk away. Also, as for this supposed "bidding war," it will only be between teams that A- have the assets to trade, B- can work it with the cap, and C- are on Richards' approved list. That's not going to be a very long list of teams to compete against each other. Hell, for all we know, NY may not even be ON the list (has Richards ever said that he wants to come to NY, or are we just assuming it based on Torts?)

IF he's traded, regardless of where, I think it's safe to say that Dallas fans are going to be sorely disappointed by the return. It won't be close to what they are expecting, and if it is, it won't be from the Rangers.

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