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12-05-2010, 04:43 PM
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Two things. First I don't know that Niewendyk has the guts to trade Richards if Dallas is in the playoffs at the deadline. Without an in charge owner to negotiate a contract extension Dallas is in a terrible position.

Trade Richards and possibly torpedo a playoff run, not to mention destroy what fans they have. Or keep Richards but be unable to sign him and watch him walk for nothing. That has to be unacceptable to management. So there's all this uncertainty. Richards likes Dallas but wants a long term contract to seal his financial future. That's certainly understandable and he wants to win. So for him its two fold, does he believe in Dallas' future and will Dallas be able to offer him what he wants with a 3rd party NHL appointed controller.

That said as far as a proposal goes Dallas wants defense and a center replacement if he is moved. MDZ is a no go. As is Cally/Dubi. Dallas would probably ask for that but be told no. So the deal has to revolve around Stephan/Anisimov, Rozsival, McDonagh, and a 1st for Richards and probably Niskanen.

Grachev as a winger and Russian doesn't interest the Stars. They've had a terrible time with Russians lately so I think they'll hold out against Grachev and Anisimov. Personally without Stephan I hope Dallas looks to LA or elsewhere.

I don't think a deal goes down but regardless of where the team is in the standings not trading him if they can't reach a contract extension is team suicide in the future. They can't let Richards walk for nothing. I hope things work out but think ultimately Richards future in Dallas is in grave doubt and if NY offers the above deal that's too good to pass on.

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