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10-07-2003, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil
Over on the Canucks board there is a thread posted called "Don't feed the Trolls" posted by our good buddy Mizral. Just thought I would mention it.

Mizral's not a troll. He's an Oiler fan! Just ask him. Its ironic that he's an Oiler fan that largely sees the Oilers in a negative light (with some exceptions Miz...relax...) He has his views, and he will ram them down your throat unless proven quantifiably wrong. He'll also squirm out of out and out bald-face mistakes by "clarifying" his position.

IE: "Hemsky must fill Marchant's void somewhat"...becomes..."Hemsky must fill the POINTS that Marchant left"

Another example:
"not Minnesota as 'the team', but Minnesota as 'what's going on there'"...basically when confronted with the ambiguosness of his position, he slides sideways instead of admitting he might be wrong...

Its very hard to debate someone who's opinion is "the Oilers aren't very good and I have no idea why."

Hey Miz...I've said it before, I like your posts. At least I used to like your posts. I respect your opinion, and your right to be wrong. But you're not just voicing your opinions lately, you seem to be actively courting the role of devil's advocate just to garner attention.

You probably know a lot more about the Canucks than most of us do, but you don't see us trolling your board constantly. Whether you admit it or not, your knowledge of the Oilers, recent events in Edmonton (re: Dopita, Weight trade etc...) and our prospects is extremely lacking...

My question is, why come back with post after post arguing points that are almost universally disputed here. I understand that you think some of us are homers, but since almost everyone here disagrees with *most* of what you're spewing...are we ALL homers? Or is their even the slightest chance that you don't really get the whole picture?

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