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12-05-2010, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by FireBobMurray View Post
Hiller hasn't played his best this year, but who has? Mediocrity rubs off on everyone.
My main problem with Hiller is that the guy rarely uses his goal stick. He lets in a fair amount of 5-hole shots and where is his stick blade? It's flopped over his left leg pad. He has let in some softies this year but that is this team's theme : soft. I hope nobody thinks Hiller is to blame for our loss last night or any losses really. We have terrible team D.
It's not about being to blame. There are plenty of players who have boned things this season, and consistently so. It's that he isn't good as he needs to be, or as good as we hoped he would be. I don't think it's enough to make some great saves in a span. You need to not give up the soft goals too.

I think it's one thing when you're having goals scored against you because the D in front of you is turning over the puck, or just not helping you out. It's quite another when you're giving up bad angle shots, wraparounds, and shots from the point that just shouldn't be going in. The former is clearly a blue line issue, and he's definitely had to deal with that this season. The latter, though? That's not defense. Those are low percentage shots, and those are the kinds of shots that players are taught to allow, because you have to trust your goalie to make those saves.

I'm with some of the others. Since 09, I think Hiller has been overrated by us, and I don't think it's a coincidence that his game looks like it has taken a hit since we stopped having one of the best blue lines in the league. His style certainly hasn't changed. I just think the mistakes he's making are more obvious when he doesn't have Niedermayer and Pronger in front of him, and the workload is probably too much for him.

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