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12-05-2010, 08:05 PM
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help saving a stick on his last legs

i have a one piece warrior that seems to be breaking where the company fused the blade and the shaft together. when i skate with the stick, i can feel like it kind of flopping up and down. kind of like if you've ever had a 2 piece and the glue kinda came loose. it's just wobbly. the good news, i can still shoot and what, but i'm afraid that it can't take much more. any advice on how i can tighten this up?

i'm REALLY hoping to avoid it but if it comes down to it, i guess i'll have to cut the blade off and put a new one in. will i have to put it in the opposite end of the shaft? i would really like it to feel as close to how it feels now as possible. any all advice welcome.

the picture below is where the crack is. i tried to fill it with some kind of epoxy, but i really didn't know what i was doing or what i was really even using. please help. this stick means the world to me.

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