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12-05-2010, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Giroux tha Damaja View Post
Bob has looked very human lately. The one goal today was obviously pretty weak, and one of the goals last game came from this stupid paddle-down butterfly he goes into whenever the puck goes from his left to right behind the goal line. I can think of like three goals him doing that has cost him. There's no reason to leave your feet there. At worst lay the left pad down and keep the right blade on the ice.

He's still pulling his weight, don't get me wrong.
I agree with you completely. Boosh and Leighton would both get crucified for ever letting in a soft goal, but Bobrovsky is kind of the hyped up golden child now so he's not getting the same harsh criticism as them.

Doesn't seem fair to me, but I understand it.

Bobrovsky has definitely been pulling his weight and putting up good stats...but so did Leighton last year (even better stats in fact) and we still criticized him and knew he would screw us over in the end. I'm feeling the same thing with Bobrovsky here if we plan on riding him all year long. Although, when I felt that riding Leighton would bite us in the ass it's because I thought he sucked while I think riding Bobrovsky is gonna bite us in the ass just because he's a rookie with very little in the way of professional hockey before this year.

Originally Posted by The Inebriator View Post
Leighton and Boucher suck but the team did it with them last year. Yes I know that's not really a great supporting fact but I don't think if we had to ride one of them its THAT large of a handicap.

When the playoffs roll around the team is going to win if they are healthy and play to their capabilities, two things that are no guarantees
The team didn't do it with them last year. They lost, in the end. Even ignoring the fact that they ultimately ended up losing last year, they barely managed to get to the SCF between getting into the playoffs via shootout and coming back from 0-3 (the latter of which most definitely won't happen again).

A lot of people around here last year knew that Leighton was a bad goalie whose soft goals could potentially kill us in the end...and they did. The Blackhawks won primarily because of **** goaltending. They won because their **** goaltending was just barely better then our **** goaltending.

I don't feel like going over all this gain as it's a beaten subject, but it's been said, by myself included, that we were extremely fortunate in last year's playoffs. We didn't face a potent, healthy offense until the SCF and then we got destroyed. We faced a potent offense against the Bruins, but we got extremely fortunate there with injures because of Richards taking Krejci out and Gagne (who is no longer here) coming back in the span of one game. If that doesn't happen then we lose in round two. So put two and two together there.

I'm just saying, even with Bobrovsky, look up and down this roster and our only weakness is still goaltending.

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