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12-05-2010, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I agree with you completely. Boosh and Leighton would both get crucified for ever letting in a soft goal, but Bobrovsky is kind of the hyped up golden child now so he's not getting the same harsh criticism as them.

Doesn't seem fair to me, but I understand it.

Bobrovsky has definitely been pulling his weight and putting up good stats...but so did Leighton last year (even better stats in fact) and we still criticized him and knew he would screw us over in the end. I'm feeling the same thing with Bobrovsky here if we plan on riding him all year long. Although, when I felt that riding Leighton would bite us in the ass it's because I thought he sucked while I think riding Bobrovsky is gonna bite us in the ass just because he's a rookie with very little in the way of professional hockey before this year.
They're both risky, but beyond that I don't think they're that comparable.
We don't know how good Bob really is. We just know how good he can be. We knew exactly how bad Leighton was and he overachieved like crazy (for a time, at least).

Now there is something to be said for the school of thought that says you're as good as your results, but if you simply watch the two play you can see the differing potential and skill

I personally hope they ride Bobrovsky until the All Star game. Them give him only a few starts before the last few weeks before play-offs, then get him back into top form. At least that's the plan. You can plan ahead with goalies, right? I also don't think Bobrovsky is really the type of rookie to melt down completely. The guy seems to have a little bit of steel in his personality, and really bares down hard after he lets in a goal he's disappointed with. It's the same type of personality that gets up for big games. I have a lot of confidence that come April he will find a way to play hsi best hockey. Whether that is good enough or not, who knows....but it's certainly pretty decent.

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