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12-05-2010, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
I took a sports ethics class for my sports management major this passed summer. We had to do something similar, although it was a paper, not a presentation. I chose the broad topic of fighting in hockey; why it's ethical and why it should be in the game. I used several of the forementioned subjects and expanded on why fighting was vital to curb that from happening again.

My strongest argument was for players policing the game themselves. Use the Gagne/Volchenkov incident, but the Richards/Booth and Cooke/Savard incidents are also great examples, as was the Lemieux/Draper incident.
Yea, thanks I will definitely try to use at least two of the latter mentioned incidents. Teacher has been getting mad at people for going to long so now he is cutting us down to 10 minutes no more no less. So, this should be a very easy presentation considering I have a 1 minute video. Also, I wrote a very similar paper, but strangely enough it was Sport Economics. I was confused as hell about that class assigning an ethics paper. How has your Sport Management degree served you or are you still in college?

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